We suggest a man or a woman. You have the option to say:

1. Only show me the people that already accepted me or
2. Show me first the options and I will choose.

Then we go to the other party and present you. We will speak to each party on the phone to follow up and discuss any concerns or questions. We will mediate.

Our match-making process

Fill out the questionnaire and add a photo and describe what you are looking for in a partner (if you are willing to re-locate, etc.). IT IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. The matchmakers have a spreadsheet of who was suggested to whom, so there will be no overlap. So, once someone has been suggested but did not make a match, the different matchmakers will be able to see that. The singles can be discussed between the matchmakers, just so that we can optimize a match.

Questions and matters of concern can also be discussed with the matchmaker by phone, at a pre-arranged time.