Meet Our Matchmakers



My name is Cynthia Shamash (Kaplan). I was born in Iraq , grew up in Amsterdam and now live in NY since 1992.

I am married and have five children.My husband is American.

I have written my memoir, The Strangers We Became,lessons in exile from one of Iraq's last Jews, in part because I wanted to carry over that I hod dear to me. My original ancestry. I practice part time as a dentist.

I always felt that I needed to revisit that richness that we so abruptly were disconnected from. The Heritage that dates back since 2,700 years.

Our customs and traditions are so ingrained and so much  a part of our every day lives.This is not to say that we are ungrateful to the country we are living in now. It merely means that we can see another shade in our culture that we currently live in..

I would like to facilitate the introduction between two people with out the geographic limitations that has uprooted us, however unites us with that added flavor .

I would love to hear from you! 





My name is Ruth Shakarchy.   My parents were born in Iraq and emigrated to Israel in 1951, where my sister and I were born.  I am happily married and the mother of two amazing children.

I became engaged and involved with my Iraqi roots eight years ago and then eventually became President of the Sisterhood in my Iraqi Synagogue in New York where I still preside.

I think that it is very important to keep our heritage alive by bringing together adults of all ages looking for strong and loving relationships within our community. 









The meaning of El' Delala is a Matchmaker who is committed to helping people find their soulmate.

We decided to create this web site for that exact purpose.

Believe it! Yes it will happen to you!

The Iraqi Jewish community lived in Iraq for almost 3000 years. During that time we gained beautiful traditions that we still have to this day. A wonderfully unique aspect of culture is that no matter where we are we still look to keep our community and traditions strong.

We believe that even though we are still not in Iraq, we can connect with our roots, especially through marriage where our customs can flourish in the new generations. My goal is to help you connect with other Iraqi Jews and make successful matches.  

One of my main philosophies as a matchmaker is to always meet a potential match and be open minded. Remember, every diamond starts out rough, but with work can shine as bright as the sun.  

A final thought I leave you with: 

The word "Mazal" is a comprised of 3 Hebrew Letters: Mem, Zai'in , and Lamed.

Mem= Makom/ Place

Zai'in = Z'man/ Time 

Lamed =  Lashon/ Talking. 

Mazal is a compilation of these three attributes. In the right place, at the right time, with the right communication is where Mazal happens.

Wishing you all much Success and Mazal. Looking forward to getting to know you soon! Amen!

Love to all,

Doris Sheena Zilkha💟  😘   💑